BLUMIN Florist & Espresso Bar serving good coffee and delicious pastries is our passion and pride.

Wander into BLUMIN Florist & Espresso Bar and experience our idyllic and modern café. Enjoy a cup of coffee and sample our delicious range of pastries for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, as you take in the fragrant aromas of our fresh blooms.

Our baristas put their heart into every single cup. Our coffee is roasted locally with love, and as we like to say, is ‘balanced like a Buddhist monk’. It is sourced from the western coffee growing regions of Ethiopia, which are dry and arid. The freshly harvested coffee cherries are submerged in water and those that sink to the bottom are chosen to be sun-dried. This is how they develop their famous clean, fruity notes.

To complement our coffee, we source a selection of delicate cakes and croissants from well-renowned supplier, Tuga Pastry. Our delicious croissants are light and flaky and we also cater gluten free options.

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