Sydney's first florist & Espresso Bar

With extravagant window displays and beautiful seasonal flowers, BLUMIN Florist & Espresso Bar will transport you to a floral oasis.

Select a stunning bunch of fresh flowers in a range of captivating colours and contemporary designs as you indulge in rich cup of coffee and decadent pastries that will satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Our Story

Our founders immigrated to Australia from Russia before embarking on the journey to open a premium and elegant floral boutique in the heart of Sydney. Australians love flowers just as much as the people in Russia. A beautiful bouquet of roses blazing with shades of red or a garland of tropical orchids can instantly lift your mood and make you smile.

Flowers accompany us throughout life’s milestones: from our birth day to our last day. They are not only a constant symbol of important events, but also a great gift when we visit friends and relatives. There is no better way to express love, celebrate friendship or send sympathy than a stunning bespoke bouquet of fresh flowers.

At BLUMIN, we aim to transport you to a world of floral art. Located on Park Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and close to the famous Hyde Park, BLUMIN Florist & Espresso Bar is renowned for its unique range of fresh flowers, bespoke and intricate arrangements, exceptional service and quality coffee. BLUMIN’s unique and beautiful display cool room – the first of its kind in the whole country – features humidity and temperature settings that allow the florists to control and maintain the right environment, so the flowers stay fresher for longer. Our team know how to preserve and transport even short-lived and fragile flowers so that they remain in pristine condition.

BLUMIN Florist & Espresso Bar showcases the beauty of native flowers and has quickly developed a reputation as one of Sydney’s best florists. The boutique’s signature green and gold colours are inspired by the stunning Golden Wattle, which is also the official floral emblem of Australia. Working closely, not only with local suppliers, but with suppliers who specialise in growing natives, BLUMIN’s work captures the beauty and essence of Australian flora.

The boutique also sources flowers from top international growers, paying particular attention to quality. BLUMIN’s speciality are roses. From sourcing to caring, and arranging them, BLUMIN’s delicate roses are of the highest quality and longest lasting.

We hope that your experience is both delightful and unforgettable.

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