BLUMIN goes to great lengths to source the very best flowers and products for our customers. Flowers sold online are perishable and a flowers life span is dependent on the variety, season, environment and care, resulting in varied life spans for different flowers. We promise to make sending and receiving our flower arrangements a joy. So, if something is not 100% perfect, our florists will always go the extra mile to make it right.

Flower availability is dependent on seasonality and market availability. As a result, not all goods produced are exactly as pictured on, by accepting these terms and conditions you are acknowledging there may be material differences between images and produced goods.

Mistakes During Ordering

Mistakes happen, we understand! So, if you make an error during ordering, such as add an additional item by mistake or put in the incorrect delivery date, please get in contact as soon as possible and we’d be happy to make those changes for you up until the order is onboard with the delivery driver.

Sometimes we’ll notice what appears to be a mistake, in which case, we’ll attempt to make contact with you to clarify your order. If we are unable to make contact or don’t hear back from you before the order is placed onboard with our delivery driver we will assume the order is correct and send it as ordered.


Whilst we make every effort to do our very best to ensure your chosen colour and flowers are sent out, from time to time due to seasonal variety and availability we are unable to match the request. Because we receive flowers fresh daily and create our arrangements on the day of delivery we sometimes only find out on the morning of delivery that our suppliers haven’t been able to fulfil our requested order.

In these cases, when we need to make substantial substitutions, we endeavour to make contact with you to ensure that a replacement of flower type or colour is acceptable and we will happily refund the order in full if it is not, or arrange for an alternative flower arrangement to be delivered, provided you are able to get back to us before your order is placed onboard with our drivers for delivery. If we don’t hear back from you before the delivery is onboard, we will assume you have accepted the changes as per our Terms of Service.

We have put in place methods and procedures to ensure that substitution rarely occurs and are always working to minimise this as we know the importance of sending the product as chosen.

After Delivery

Due to the organic nature of most of our products (including flowers, flower arrangements and plants), time is of the essence in establishing what may have gone wrong. It is therefore essential that you contact us within 72 hours of delivery if you have any cause for concern with regards to the quality or condition of the flowers received. This allows us to diagnose the potential issue and assess an offer of replacement.

After contacting us with your concerns, you will be asked to provide a photo of the flowers so that we can assess what might have gone wrong.

If the flowers sent out are deemed to have been the incorrect item or of poor quality, we will offer a replacement to be sent out.

On a case by case basis we will assess if a replacement is not suitable and may offer a full or partial refund instead. In such cases, BLUMIN will bear the cost of re-delivery.

If the flowers have not been correctly cared for upon arrival (cut stems, regularly topping up water and adding flower food if needed, stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight or air-conditioning) we will be unable to provide a refund. Normally if flowers haven’t had enough water all heads of the same flower type (i.e. roses) will all droop around the same time, whereas if there are a couple of stems that droop but the rest seem ok, it’s possible that they are part of a bad batch, in which case we’ll happily send a replacement.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns or issue refunds if claiming poor quality if you have not attempted to make contact within 72 hours of delivery of your order.

Replacements & Returns

You can generally expect your flowers to last 3-7 days provided they are cared for correctly.

If you feel the flowers have not lasted for at least 3 days please contact us.

BLUMIN reserves the right to request photos or images of the original flowers. BLUMIN requires that any dissatisfaction with the freshness of the flowers be communicated to our Team within 24 Hours of delivery.

To assist us in quality control, we may request to collect the original flowers. Regrettably, we cannot arrange a redelivery of replacement flowers to you if the original flowers are disposed of or images are unavailable.

In the case of a replacement arrangement being issued, we may request for the original order to be returned, to assess what may have gone wrong. This will be picked up at the same time as the replacement delivery is delivered. Blumin will bear the delivery cost for the replacement and for the item being returned.

In the case of a request for us to pick up and return the item for situations not outlined above, for example, in the case of an unwanted gift, the buyer will be responsible for paying an additional delivery fee equal to the amount of the delivery cost for the suburb the item is being picked up from.

In the case where it is determined that a refund will be issued, we may request to have the flowers returned to us for inspection. In such a case BLUMIN will pay any pick up and delivery fees associated with returning the item to us.

Refund Processing

Refunds will be processed back into the account you placed the order with. For example, if you placed the order using credit card, we will refund it back to your credit card. If you placed the order via PayPal we will refund it back into your PayPal account. Once a refund has been processed it take up to five working days for the refund to appear in your account.

If you have any concerns about your refund please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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