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Our bespoke Signature Phalaenopsis Orchid features three elegant white moth orchids in a unique birch bark lined vase with golden willow branches.

Will look perfect at your wonderfull home or office. Gorgeous decoration for shops and hotel receptions.

Orchids are relatively low maintenance plants if kept in a bright indirectly lit area. They like to be kept moist and left to dry out between watering.

Orchids love a good misting to keep humidity levels up and like to be in a cool area of the house or office (not too close to a window). Fertilise once or twice a month during the warmer months with house plant fertiliser.

When the flowers have dropped, trim the flower stems to where the first flower bloomed. With proper care it should rebloom in another 6 months. Too long to wait? Bring back the vase and we will make a new arrangement with the reduced price.

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